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New From DAYCO

The Dayco Radiator Cap range has been developed to complement our diverse cooling products range.
Dayco Radiator Caps come in a range of styles, pressure ratings, recovery and non-recovery and materials, depending on applications. The primary function of the radiator Cap is to seal the vehicles’ cooling system and prevent coolant loss.
Dayco’s extensive range includes caps for radiators and expansion tanks and covers most of the popular makes and models from Australia, Europe and Asia and are designed to meet OEM specifications.

Dayco Radiator Caps are warranted for 2 years /40,000 km whichever occurs first.

Please refer to Dayco’s product application listings to ensure the correct item is selected.

Click on a column heading to sort the items in the list

Part numberPressure (kPa)Pressure (PSI)DiameterHeightInside DiameterPressure Valve
DRC0011251860mm  38mm
DRC002901345.5mm  28mm
DRC0031001546mm  28mm
DRC0041101644.6mm  28mm
DRC0051201746mm  28mm
DRC0061251846mm  28mm
DRC0071402063mm  41mm
DRC00830459mm  38mm
DRC00950759mm  38mm
DRC010701059mm  38mm
DRC011901359mm  38mm
DRC0121001559mm  38mm
DRC01350759mm  38.5mm
DRC014901359mm  38.5mm
DRC0151001559mm  38.5mm
DRC0161101659mm  38.5mm
DRC0171251858.2mm  38.5mm
DRC0181352059mm  38.5mm
DRC019901344mm  26mm
DRC0201101644mm  26mm
DRC0211352058mm 45mm33.5mm
DRC0221251861mm 49.5mm 
DRC023701075mm 43.5mm 
DRC0241352075mm 43.5mm 
DRC0261101660.5mm 49.5mm35mm
DRC0291402052mm 43mm 
DRC0301251879mm 57.5mm 
DRC0311352068mm 49.5mm29mm
DRC0322053068mm 49.5mm29mm
DRC03310014.584mm 49.5mm 
DRC0341101684mm 49.5mm 
DRC0351502281mm 63mm 
DRC0361201763mm 50mm 
DRC0371352063mm 50mm 
DRC0381101649.5mm 34mm18.5mm
DRC0391301949.5mm 34mm18.5mm
DRC0421251865mm 50mm29.5mm
DRC04312017.472mm 50.5mm 
DRC0441402065mm 49.5mm29.5mm
DRC0451452163mm 48mm29.5mm
DRC0461402070mm 59.5mm40.5mm
DRC0471402060mm 42.5mm 
DRC0481201761mm 49.5mm30mm
DRC0491402087mm 49mm29mm
DRC0502003087mm 49mm29mm
DRC0511402052.5mm 36mm 
DRC0521301887mm 63mm 
DRC0531301860.5mm 42mm 
DRC054901359mm  38mm