Dayco Technical Bulletins

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AWEARNESS Gauge Instructions

Installation Instructions For Automatic Belt Tensioners

T00001 Technical Information Sheet Holden and Daewoo with Opel Engines

               (Engine Codes: C16SEL, C16XE, X16XE, X16XEL, Z16XE, Z16XEP, C18XE, C18XEL, X18XE, X18XE1, Z18XE, Z18XEL, X20XE, X22SE, X22XE,Y22SE)

T00002 Technical Information Sheet Subaru (Revised May 2016) - EZIGAUGE
               (Engine Codes: EJ20 & EJ25 DOHC Boxer Engines)

T00005 Technical Information Sheet KTBA008 - Daewoo, Holden (Revised Sep 2012)
               (Engine Codes: A15MF Nubira, A16DMS Cielo & Nubira, F16D3 Barina)

T00007 Technical information sheet Honda HAT36 & KTBA218H1
               (Engine Codes: Accord J30A1 V6)

T00012 Technical Information Sheet KTBA253
               (Engine Codes: Ford/Mazda WLAT, WEAT)

TI0013EN Technical Information Sheet KTBA262 / KTBA262P
               (Engine Codes: Kia Carnival/Sedona TD209 16v from 07/2000, CRDi 16v from 10/2001)

T00014 Technical Information Sheet 94825 Timing Belt (inc KTBA145/KTBA150 Timing Kits)
               (Engine Codes: Holden Vectra X25XE,Y26SE,Z32SER / Holden Calibra C25XE / SAAB 900,9000,9-5 B258, B308,B380E )

T00015 Technical Information Sheet Drive Belt Tensioners (Hydraulic Actuator Type)

T00016 Technical Information Sheet Mitsubishi V6 Timing Drive 
                (Engine Codes: 6G72, 6G74, 6G75) 

T00017 Technical Information Sheet Mitsubishi I4 Timing Drive 
               (Engine Codes: 4G63, 4G64, 4G69 ETC )

T00019 Technical Information KTBA145 
               (Engine Codes: Holden Vectra X25XE, Y26SE,Z32SER / Calibra C25XE / Saab 900, 9000. 9-5 B258, B308 and B308E )

TI00020 Technical Information Sheet KTBA281 Family Mitsubishi Challenger/Triton
                (Engine Codes: 4D56T)

TI00021 Technical Information Sheet Subaru 94201 Timing Belt (211SHP+300)
                (Engine Codes: Forester EJ20 / Impreza EJ16,EJ18,EJ20 / Liberty EJ22)
TI00022 Technical Information Sheet Toyota Spring Tensioner 89391
               (Engine Codes: 2AZ-FE & 2ZR-FE Applications)

T00025 Technical Information Sheet II - Dayco DP884 Water Pump

T00030 Technical Information Holden Commodore VZ 3.6 LY7 2004 – July 2006 With Roller Style Chains

KTBA091 Technical Information Sheet for Ford Courier, Transit, Tourneo 

               (Engine Codes: 4BC,4CA,4DA,4EA,4EB,4EC,4ED,4FA,4FB,4FC,4FD,4GA,4GB,4GC,4GD,4GE,4HB,4HC,RTJ)

KTBA159 Technical Information Sheet for Ford Courier, Transit, Tourneo
               (Engine Codes: 4EB,4EC,4RD,4FA,4FB,4FC,4FD,4GA,4GB,4GC,4GD,4GE,4HA,4HB,4HC,RTJ)

TI0163EN Technical Information Sheet KTBA261/KTBA261P - Holden Astra/Cruze
                (Engine Codes: ASTRA - Z18XER / CRUZE - F18D4)

TI0288EN Technical Information Sheet KTB788E - Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen 

Water Pump Best Practices - TECHKNOW SERIES